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COACHED with Coach Keren

Nov 14, 2022

Coach Keren Eldad is back with a brand new season of the Coached Podcast! This season will be entirely dedicated to one type of pivot: the midlife crisis. We are taking your questions on how to navigate the big changes that occur or signal this stage transition. 

The ride itself might be rough, but Coach Keren is here to help you get to the other side. And, in this first episode, Coach Keren is going to talk about why a midlife crisis might just end up becoming a midlife AWAKENING. 



  • [03:25] What is the midlife crisis and why PRAY for one?


  • [07:33] What you can look forward to learning in this mid-life crisis mini series
  • [11:00] What habits, patterns, or beliefs are dragging you against this change rather than towards embracing this new stage of life - and what questions should you start asking yourself to turn it around?


  • Midlife doesn’t have to be the gloomiest part of life. Instead, it can be a time of self discovery and reinvention. 
  • Like all challenging times and moments in our life - this too can serve as a catalyst for change. It isn’t always easy, but the midlife crisis can launch us into a new and better path: a second act!



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Keren Eldad is the coach of choice for overachievers who are ready to scale their greatest heights yet - whether that's taking their solo business to 7 and 8 figures, or selling their company, or rocking the C-Suite position of their dreams.

Just as clients hire her to help them gain that support - a sherpa to your Everest-level climb, to expand their self-awareness, uncover their blindspots and get to their next level, the Coached podcast aims to do exactly the same. It is to take the inner journey work, which can be stuffy and heavy, and make it simple, actionable and enjoyable.



“We are afraid to talk about change - especially talking about a massive change like this one (the midlife crisis). In fact, we like it even less because it makes us extremely vulnerable.”

“We all have blind spots, friends. Everybody does. That's why coaching is so invaluable.”

“Going to the next level is primarily about identifying; where are the blind spots still looming?"