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COACHED with Coach Keren

Dec 12, 2022

Have you stopped trying to achieve your goals because you think you’ve missed the window? Spoiler alert - there is no window! It is never too late to be the best version of yourself!

In the sixth episode of the Coached Podcast’s new season, Coach Keren is joined by guest host Greg Scheinman to answer YOUR questions on the midlife shift. Greg is a Performance Coach, Speaker, Author & Creator of The Midlife Male Podcast & Newsletter.

Together, Greg and Keren use their life experiences to weigh in on the vulnerable questions asked by today’s callers. Today’s episode focuses on aging, but contrary to popular belief, aging doesn’t have to be something we dread – it can be something to look forward to if you embrace the changes with love and see each day as an opportunity.


  • [00:00:26] Keren introduces the topic of change, and how it can be extremely hard for people to accept
  • [00:05:24] Keren discusses a psychoanalyst’s description of the midlife crisis. The midlife crisis is a spiritual crisis, a profound inflection point in our life that has 5 stages of development: Accommodation, separation, liminality, reintegration, and individuation
  • [00:07:45] Keren welcomes Greg to the show. Greg introduces us to his book that came out Nov 1, 2022, called: “The Midlife Male: A No-Bullshit Guide to Living Better, Longer, Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier and Having More Fun in Your 40s and 50s (Which Includes More Sex ... and What Guy Doesn't Want That?)
  • [00:15:17] Keren and Greg hear from the first caller, Tim. Tim confides in the pair that he feels self-conscious about his physical changes since turning 40.
  • [00:24:19] Greg discusses being consistent with small positive changes, and that over time those cumulative changes will add up to success.
  • [00:30:41] Keren and Greg hear from Caroline; she courageously confides about wondering if there is more to life and, she feels like she is too far behind to ever catch up.
  • [00:41:58] Keren gives Caroline advice on her issue, she urges her to listen to the whisper. She tells Caroline to go on an inner journey, to find out who she is and why she’s done what she’s done, and also why she wants what she wants.


  • It is never too late to live the life of your dreams on your terms
  • Middle age happens to everyone – it is involuntary but if you embrace the change it can be beautiful and empowering
  • Make small changes every day (ex. walking every day for 30 minutes) all your small changes will add up like compound interest to make a big beneficial difference
  • Even if it seems hard, you must keep moving forward because regret is poison, and it will not get you anywhere. Keep looking forward with enthusiasm!


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