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COACHED with Coach Keren

Mar 19, 2020

In this episode, I want to talk to you about how to find your authentic power. In my line of work I hear  people tell me time and time again about their powerlessness – their lack of control, “he made me so angry” or “the kid is driving me crazy,” Or: “they did that to me,” or even “I never get ahead” –followed by a barrage of circumstances you somehow see as insurmountable. This is nonsense and I will show you that self awareness and spiritual practice alone can get you out of this stance – the stance that life is happening to you and therefore you have to assert yourself and use action and force to create your power. The truth is – assertion  - or force - will only bring you more assertion – people will meet you with force. Plus, you will create immense need to keep up force and keep up action. This is exhausting and it is also totally mediocre. The power you can create by going inward and becoming aware, by finding clarity and acting from there – it is infinitely greater than that paltry flexing you’re doing. 
The episode features a very special How I Live With Enthusiasm segment submitted by Panache Desai, thought leader, spiritual teacher, and international best selling author of You Are Enough. Panache shares his ideas on living authentically in your power from the knowledge that you are enough. That is the ultimate truth. 

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